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Brady's Journal

[Insert clever subtitle here because I sure as heck can't think of one]

"The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them."
I write because I want to - Not because I want someone else to read it.

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NOTE:This LiveJournal started in 2003 is now primarily for private journal entries. Although the vast majority of previous entries have also been made private, a small percentage will remain public. If you would like to know what my life was like between 2003 and now, I would be happy to share that with you personally.

[User info last updated on 08/08/12]

I am a creative writer - Not in the sense that I make up a bunch of stories, but rather that I try to creatively write about my life whenever I can. This genre of writing is known as creative non-fiction, but not many people seem to be familiar with that term. Sometimes I will just write conventional journal entries though, because like Michael Crichton once said, writing is not always easy. Whatever I write about: It's all real and it's all me. On occasion, I'll throw in quotes from people, things, or chat conversations, and if you're clever enough, you'll find out where it's from.
The list of interests here doesn't describe everything that I am or everything I like, as I am very open to trying out almost any new and fun things.

If you are new to my journal: You may want to check out some of my memorable entries (not updated as often as tags).

Brief disclaimers: When reading past entries, keep in mind that my feelings, in general and for various people, have changed over time. I do not screen or delete LJ comments unless I find them very unnecessary. People should be able to speak their mind through comments just as much as I do so through my journal.

Music references: The music/song titles for each entry aren't always what I'm actually listening to, because sometimes I include songs that just reflect the entry instead. If you would like to directly download from me any of the music noted in my entries, contact me.

I encourage anyone and everyone, including non-LJ users, to add comments to my entries. If you are a first time commenter to my entries, I'd appreciate it if you post a little bit about yourself and how you found me.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do looking back on it, and I hope reading it provokes as much thought as it did for me to write these entries.
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