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[During a Saturday night service at Living Streams, I gave the following testimony in September regarding my experience at a Men's Retreat]

I have been going to Living Streams for 5 years and each year I have gone to its Men's Retreat.  The only thing that has been missing from the Men's Retreat was The Blob.  For those of you who do not know what that is, let me explain: It is a giant air cushion sitting on a lake on which one person sits on one end.  Then another person gets on a platform 20 feet above the other end, and jumps on the Blob, resulting on the first person being launched into the air and splashes down into the water.  I can tell you by experience that being in mid air is scary and exilirating all at once.
That moment reflects what my life was like for a while before the Men's Retreat.  Months ago, I had realized that God had called me to relocate closer to the church community, pour into my friends & family there, and confirm my ministry callings.  I was being called to make a leap of faith by leaving my comfortable surroundings living alone in Mesa as well as my financially comfortable job.  It would be the first time that I would be unemployed in 10 years.  At the end of July, I moved into a house with two guys from Living Water Fellowship and had been awaiting some kind of affirmation that I am now where the Lord wants me to be.
However, at the Men's Retreat, there were 3 things that I could count on: The power of fellowship, worship, and praying blessing into each other's lives.  The bible says that when two or more men are gathered, God is with them.  With over 200 men there, the Lord showed up in a big way.  This was abundantly clear to anyone there on the last day who witnessed testimony after testimony of the things that the Lord was showing men and doing in their lives.  There were so many testimonies that we could have listened to them for hours.
By the end of the Men's Retreat, the Lord showed me that I am right where I need to be.  Like when being launched by the Blob, I had some fear in me in mid air - Uncertain if I was doing what I should be.  After coming out of the water, I heard the encouragement that I needed thanks to the grace of God and this church.
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