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Here is one Posted Item from my Facebook profile for each month of 2008:

The start of a great day [at ASU] (Link may require logging into Facebook)

The Moment of Truth - If you thought Fox was showing the sleaziest thing on television, you are wrong.

Campaign Game
- Back a candidate and gain the support of the regions to win the Presidential Election.
The presidential candidates are outdated, but this is a pretty decent turn based strategy game made using Flash


Legend of Zelda Movie: Trailer Premiere
- Coming April 1, 2009 (April Fools) courtesy of IGN.

Best of craigslist : Driving in Phoenix - An amusing guide to driving in Phoenix which has some truth to it.

Outsourced Comedy from Papa CJ - A brief clip from one of my favorite Stand-up Comedians from the show Last Comic Standing. See www.PAPACJ.com

Max Payne: Movie Trailer - 7 years since the game's release and plans for a movie were reported, a trailer has finally materialized. Catch the movie on October 17 and see its web site at maxpaynethemovie.com

Dead Sea Scrolls go from parchment to the Internet - CNN.com - More than 2,000 years after they were written, the Dead Sea Scrolls are going digital as part of an effort to better preserve the ancient texts and let more people see them than ever before.
I saw these in-person at the San Diego Natural History museum, but now anyone can see them online. Fascinating stuff!

Emotional Hippies - Crying Over Dead Trees -
Summary of YouTube comments: "Hippies doing too many drugs", "Makes me want to cut down trees", "Is this a joke?", "Obama-supporters", "Rock has life?" debaters
I am all for preservation, but I'm not one to hug trees or cry over them.

Saw School Musical - Like the Saw or High School Musical movie series? This is perhaps one of the best produced movie trailer mash up/parodies that I have seen. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!

Rickrolled live @ Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2008 - The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 27, 2008 was rickrolled by Rick Astley himself riding on the "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" float.
"I like Rickrolling!"

iPwn - iPhone Ad Parody - Being a mobster-sniping paladin behind enchanted enemy lines isn't an easy job. That's why this girl gamer needs a wireless gaming device as diverse and adaptable as she is.
This Christmas, get the perfect gift for the gamer girl (that you wish was) in your life.
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