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And when the sky is falling, don’t look outside the window - Brady's Journal

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Previous Entry And when the sky is falling, don’t look outside the window Jan. 12th, 2007 @ 10:58 pm Next Entry
This Winter Session has gone by way too fast. Maybe that is just because it has been too much fun. With semester start-up, I wish I could say the same about work, which has been interesting to say the least having dealt with over 50 problem tickets, even more calls, and 105 emails from this week alone.

The same can be said about traffic because one street block of Rural Road, a major automobile artery for people to get to ASU, has been closed off in both directions. If you are going Northbound, Its final detour can take you to the middle of campus if you do not make another turn Northbound shortly after the diversion. The middle of campus is next to the book store where I was buying my books for Spring classes recently. As I was walking back to work, a Lexus SUV that took the previously mentioned detour all the way to a gated dead end stopped, started honking, and the driver rolled down a window and exasperatedly shouted “How the heck am I supposed to get on to Rural Road?” Since I was already quite a ways away, I didn’t stop, but I could tell that a bunch of people closer to her just stopped and stared at her. Obviously, she wasn’t from this part of town.

Some new students this Spring at my university paid considerable money today for the opportunity to talk to other staff such as myself - $35 each. I can understand offsetting some of the costs for putting on some welcome week types of festivities, but that seems like a lot. I was there representing not just my Help Desk but also the organization that its under to help students be more aware of the one-to-one computing program. I may have had to come into work one and a half hours early to do this volunteer effort but that means I get to leave earlier tonight and with a seemingly long day like today, that is all that matters.

This weekend, I was hoping to throw a poker party, but I didn’t have the time to organize it or organize my place enough to do so. As considerable consolations, I’ve been invited to a party for a former roommate tomorrow night and hopefully will get to break in my Bocce Ball set with some friends later this weekend. Holidays on Mondays are always somewhat anti-climactic unless I plan something because I already get Mondays off, so I just get to defer my Holiday time for use when I request time off, which I haven’t done lately.

I should definitely take some time off during Spring Break though. I was thinking of going to Southern California for at least a few days for part of it. Its always a great place to have fun and I would hopefully get to see Jessica who lives in the LA area too. Spending part of last year’s Spring Break in SoCal was lots of fun. Who’s interested in coming with me this time?

I heard that it rained today but I must have been too busy at work to look beyond the glass of the building I have stayed in for 10 hours.

So when the sky was falling, I didn’t look outside the window.
Step back and hear that woman from her car calling.
"Give up, you can’t take the fast road" I'd say.
It's just your doubt that binds her.
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